We are happy to announce lecturers for the School, which will take place from July 20-23, 2022.


Federico Battiston

Assistant Professor, Central European University

Yulia R. Gel

Professor, University of Texas at Dallas

Yanqing Hu

Associate Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology

Renaud Lambiotte

Professor, University of Oxford

Pan Li

Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Cristopher Moore

Resident Professor, Santa Fe Institute

Jan Nagler

Associate Professor, Centre for Human and Machine Intelligence, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Jie Sun

Chief Researcher, Huawei Hong Kong Research Center

Yuanzhao Zhang

Schmidt Science Fellow, Santa Fe Institute

School Chair

Maksim Kitsak

Delft University of Technology

Bo Qu

Pengcheng Laborabory

Peng Ji

Fudan University